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Thread: My first game of 5th edition: Impressions (longish)

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    My first game of 5th edition: Impressions (longish)

    Hey all! I've been playing 40k since the final days of Rogue Trader (over 16 years now: Gosh I'm old!), but I stopped playing the game about a year ago, because I didn't like the direction the game was moving in (especially all the Special Character love.... I HATE them ) and my local scene was becoming a little too competitive for my tastes. Well, a year is looooong time for a 40k junky to be without his favorite game, so I bought 5th edition, read it thoroughly and I've just played my first game.

    My initial impressions upon reading 5th edition went like this:


    1) Cool mission system (I'm glad infiltrate and deeps strike are no longer worthless 1/3 of the time).
    2) Mostly improved assualt rules
    3) Much better rules for vehicle damage
    4) Improvement in the cover save system (it's just gotten better and better with each edition since 3rd)


    1) Hate true LOS (I thought the area terrain LOS system was the most innovative thing in 4th edition: made it easier to play with people you didn't know very well... I like things clean cut, and I hate bending down over my models all the time and knocking over terrain with my big, clumsy head).
    2) Hate combat resolution: It works in fantasy, because the kills are offset by ranks, outnumbering, banners, etc. Without those factors, assualt heavily favors small, elite units.
    3) Hate, loathe, and despise the wound allocation rules. Sure, it gives you a chance to kill the one marine with a lascannon, but it is slower and clumsier than 4th edition, imo. I like to just roll all my saves all at once and start removing guys.
    4) Not in love with the new defensive weapon rules. The whole point of defensive weapons was to make tanks more mobile. With S4 defensive weapons, the rule fails in its intent. When the trial vehicle rules came out, they were S5 and it was determined that S5 was too WEAK, so they bumped it up to S6, now it's all the way down to S4. Not a huge deal and probably more balanced, but I don't like it. I hate that tanks are back to being static firebases.
    5) Kill points are dumb. I can do arithmetic. VP's are inherently balanced, kill points heavily favors small, elite armies, at the expense of a little, simple math. Yuck.

    Well, it seems like my impressions and my experience with the game are pretty much in agreement.


    1) They are cool, but I didn't particularly enjoy Dawn of War; probably because I was playing shooty marines, allied with IG and we were facing Orks and World Eaters (meaning 18" apart was tooo close and all our fire support was off table) .
    2) Yup. I like the assualt rules. Very clean.
    3) Vehicle damage rules are MUCH better than 4th. I especially love cover saves over hull down... I've been asking for that since 3rd came out.
    4) All good here. Lots of tasty cover saves, making cover *gasp* useful.


    1) I still don't like true LOS (I played 3 other editions with it and vastly prefer the 4th edition area terrain), but I can live with it. I just have to school myself to remember that my vehicles behind area terrain are not automatically out of LOS (I forgot last night, but night fighting saved me... whew!).
    2) My impressions were confirmed here. I don't like it. Numbers should count in combat resolution. A simple +1 for outnumbering your opponent would have gone a long way. I don't like, but I can live with it.
    3) My impressions were confirmed and then some. They're even worse than I thought. Not only is it more time consuming, but it allows people to take advantage of it, to make nigh-unkillable units. I faced an Ork Nob unit on foot, all with different equipment (but sharing Cybork bodies), with a Painboy. We fired 4 Battle cannon shots at them, at least 10 plasma gun shots, 2 Plasma cannon shots, and near-infinite small arms fire and didn't even get them down below half strength. That is ridiculous, but at least each round of shooting took forever as the Ork player allocated wounds and rolled saves, individually, for each model. Nothing against the guy. He was nice, but the wound allocation rules suck.
    4) Yeah, I don't like it, but it's not a big deal. I'd like to move and fire my predator more often, but it's dirt cheap, so no big loss.
    5) Kill points are stupid. I hate them. By turn three, the only way we could have won was to completely annhilate the enemy. VP wise, we hadn't given up much, but we lost alot of cheap units (did I mention my ally was Guard?) and gave up more KP's than their armies even contained. What would have been a close game with VP's was a complete slaughter. Confirmed.

    Don't get me wrong. I think 5th is pretty good (I like 4th a little better overall). I'll probably keep playing, but I think the design team could have put together a better rules set, by simply applying the axiom: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The things that they did fix, they fixed well, but as usual, GW seems to have over-corrected.

    Thanks for reading a bunch of stuff that people probably talked to death when 5th came out. It's new to me, however, and I feel like sharing (and ranting... it's a talent).

    P.S. One other lil niggly rule that bothers me: Frag grenades. Why are they plasma grenades now? Dumb. Makes them worthless for Orks and overpriced for Dark Eldar. Not a big deal, but I'm not a fan.
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