Hi all, I have been told many times to do a log for my Krieg army. I currently have one for my Red Scorpions, which is also ongoing. The only difference between the two forces is the size of them!

I have been gaming and painting for a very long time, even worked for GW for a few years. For a period of time I stopped altogether until Alex_H (best buddy) showed me a picture on the FW website of the new Krieg infantry. At that moment everything changed and I wanted them. Within a space of a few months I went from a Company Command squad to 4k points just like that.

From that point I had the gaming bug all over again!! Moving on a few years to present day I am re creating my epic army in GW but in 40k scale (well the best I can). As anyone who knows me well I love First and Second World War History, so this is a perfect army for me, which means lots of tanks!!

What myself and Alex found strange was that we have been playing massive games years before all this apocalypse stuff. Now it just makes it even better for us to do!

I have three different regiments 143rd Siege Regiment, 158th Siege Regiment and 5th Siege Regiment (Grenadiers only)

The 143rd is will be the largest of the three of the army the static siege force. The is supported by massed artillery of all sorts, 7th Krieg Armoured Regiment - 1st Tank Company, 1st Super Heavy Tank Company - 11th Tank Regiment.

The 158th will be mounted in a Gorgon and Stormlord backed up by a Macharius and Vulcan Macharius. (6th Heavy Tank Company, 11th Tank Regiment). I will keep on adding infantry will both transports are full.

The 5th are Grenadiers only (awaiting new Guard Codex then will expand this more).

I have an idea of what I want overall for this army, which I am not far from now. But I know that will change with the release of the Imperial Guard Codex.

As of from GD last year I have been teaching myself weathering painting etc. The master class book has been very helpful with this. I like to try an achievement as much realism as possible when I am painting. Just reading that book has opened up my painting to new levels and I love it even more. I now have a whole set of airbrushing kits from fine to massed detail of work.