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Thread: Chimera Varients

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    Chimera Varients

    I was just wondering, in this modern military environment of 5th ed, and Chimera varient rumours running about for the new dex, do you think it's worth it to throw an autocannon on one of the Chimeras I'm building right now?
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    Re: Chimera Varients

    I believe that in the IG Rumour Thread the most op to date info is that an Autocannon option isn't in the new codex, which is a shame.
    I run some on my Chimeras with Autocannons, but I play an Armoured Battlegroup list and they're a legal option so I'm safe. I put them on my Command's Vehicles so the extra range comes in handy.

    Just get some anyway for the modelling aspect, and hopefully they'll be a part of the new Codex.
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    Re: Chimera Varients

    if you wanted to tac it on and VDR it until the new codex comes out, you could do that, alternatively, you could just make a salamander scout vehicle.
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    Re: Chimera Varients

    If it wil be in the codex, it will be worth taking. A moving Chimera in 5th edition has to choose to fire eighter turrent weapon or hull heavy bolter. Multilaser works in similiar way to heavy bolter, autocannon actualy gives you two different effects to chose between, giving more flexibility to your choices.

    If autocannon option isn't in new codex, your chimera will just count as armed with multilaser or whatever the default weapon will be, just like Eldar with lasguns or Orks with bolters.
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    Re: Chimera Varients

    magnetise the turret weapon, that way you can swap it for whatever you like, even non-codex options

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