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Thread: Boxed Cult Troops parts information

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    Boxed Cult Troops parts information

    Hello ,

    could someone please mention in detail the contents of a Thousand Sons box ?

    I would like to know whether or not shoulderpads are included for everyone and how many of the " special " bolters are included .

    But I already mentioned that I wanted to know about the contents in detail .

    Thank you in advance for any help .
    Edit : In an attempt to avoid creating a new thread I edit this one :

    I also look for information on the Noise Marines and Death Guard boxes .

    I am interested in the possibility to add extra bought legion shoulder pads to the aforementioned troops ( as I was told the Thousand Sons already include them - at least I assumed that the rubric shoulderpads are included ) , but any further as detailed as possible information on the boxed models is surely welcome .

    Such as : are they full metal models or they have metal parts on plastics ?

    In the case of the Plague marines , do they include all the special weapons ? Are they ( the weapons ) metal or plastic ones ? Are there also included Legion shoulderpads included in the box ? Is it possible to mount Legion shoulderpads on the Death Guard models ?

    I know that a single sonic blaster is included in the Emperor's Children box as well as a blastmaster and a doom siren . Any additional possible information welcome .

    If I purchase extra sonic weapons for the Noise marines , will I be able to give them a legion shoulderpad too ?

    How many parts does a Noise Champion have ? Can I put a legion shoulderpad on him ?

    Yes I know it'll cost but I'm a fool for Legions . I can gather any resources slowly , there's no rush . Just planning ahead at the moment .

    Thank you for your help , yet again .
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