Hey everyone. I recently got hold of a camera so have been able to take pics and put together a log of my stuff. This is my fantasy log and I will also have a 40k one as I think its best to keep them separate because I have a lot of models. Ive been collecting for 7 or so years now and have racked up a fair few armies in that time (most of which aren't really finished)

For fantasy I collect Warriors of Chaos, Tomb Kings, Dwarven Slayers from Storm of Chaos list and recently started Empire. Im also painting up Vampire Counts and Dark Elves for a friend so they will also be shown here. So enough talk and onto the pics.

First the mandatory workspace pic

Now some cheesy Dwarven Slayers (which I used in Conflict a few years ago and got Best Sport - how ironic :cheese

slayer BSB