I am facinated by these vampires! They seem awesome!(unless im totaly wrong). Well heres my idea: A high elf army is travaling. A vampire is stalking them. It had somehow infiltrated Ulthuan and corrupted thew highest ranking nobles in the army. He then used the combined force of his own power and that of his pet nobles to shatter a waystone close by. The result was a magical explsion that froze time in place around these elves. The elves souls were forsaken but their bodies were frozen in time(like some say are those of vampires) The only survivors were the vampire and his undead nobles. They used there powers to force the corpses to call back their souls and obey them. now theres an army that wont cost the additional money to buy new heads and stuff. and i already own a large high elf army. I would say silver helms are black nights and they are slowed down because the vampires cannot comand such force without a small delay as they must maintain their commande over the other undead as well. The wights and ethreal creatures can just be the souls of those elves that had been slayn for the vampires to feed on and were trapped in the mortal real, by the freeze in time.
There you go
plz tell me your oppinion on my idea