Hello, all

I come before you with a question: do your new codices and army books seem to be more fragile than previous editions? Mine certainly do. Both my brand new Vampire Counts and Tau books both have pages coming out. My friend's dwarf book began to lose pages within days of purchasing. Are others of you having this issue? Does anyone have any 'inside' info as to why this is happening? I am sorely disappointed in the lack of quality the recent set of army books displays. Given the cost of Games Workshop's products I assume a certain level of quality and longevity which, until recently, I have received. Upon emailing the US branch of said company I obtained a very generic reply with allusions to damage in shipping (I bought it at a comic store, not the online store and it fell apart shortly after purchasing, a point I made clear to them. Apparently they did not even read my email).

I would very much like to formally complain. I ask again, is anyone else having problems with their codices and army books falling apart like a newbie necromancer's first go at zombification?

Thank you for your time