Hey everyone, my name is Eric Rehm and I'm looking for some input on your friendly local game stores and some other general stuff.

I'm a journalism student in Chicago, at Columbia College, and i'm doing a story on a FLGS here, Black Sun Games. I just need some general input on your local stores and the economy, as well as stuff on sites like Yelp. So, i'll put my questions here and if you want to answer, add some questions or critiques, go for it. If you've been to Black Sun Games, it would be great to get your impressions of that too. Also, I will be asking for a full name and email/phone, so if you're not comfortable with that on the forum, feel free to PM the info to me.

Thanks again!


Contact info (email, phone to make sure you're a real person)
Where you live?
What local game stores do you frequent?
What do you think will happen to these niche games with the current economy?
Have you had to cut down on spending for wargames?
Do you think GW's prices are too high?
What would you like to see done to these prices?
Have your FLGS's suffered due to the economy?
How so?
Do you like your FLGS?
Any other related questions and answers you'd like to answer?

Have you heard of Yelp before?
Do you like/use Yelp?
Have you heard of Yelp asking businesses for Ad money?
Have you heard if those businesses that didnt give ad money had their reviews deleted for no reason?
If so, can you name these places?
Any other related questions and answers you'd like to answer?

Thanks again for any help everyone,