I just had a game against a Dark Elf player using my Warriors of Chaos.

During this game a few really crazy swings of luck had the game teetering back and forth.

I had two blocks of Marauders with FC, MoK, and great weapons get ridiculously trounced by the main forces of the dark elf player. One block got hit by a manticore and Lord in the flank, along with some cross-bow fast cav (forget name. I needed snake eyes, and got it! Kept the lord in place for a Knights of Khurgle charge. THe other marauder block got stuck in with witches and a hydra, again rolling snake-eyes after being down like 8 combat res.

Later, however, luck swings wildly against me. The lord with the 5 down ward save saves about 30 wounds without any fails, his hydra takes a charge from Knights of Khorne with lances and regenerates all the wounds, and a blade-wind takes off two wounds from my Lord on Dragon after rolling two 2s.

My lord on dragon later takes 5 wounds from a hydra, and the dragon breaks and gets caught after getting 4 wounds regenerated by the hydra (who only had 2 wounds left).

We had to leave by turn 5, but had turn 6 come up, I think I definitely would have lost.

Question for you Warseer folk: Does momentous luck make for good games or bad games generally? That kind of luck seems to make the game much more interesting, but it sometimes throws tactics out the window. What do you gusy prefer?