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Thread: "Forward to Germany" - Soviet WW2 T34/76 Diorama

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    "Forward to Germany" - Soviet WW2 T34/76 Diorama

    As mentioned in my Thunderbolt Diorama, I'm also currently working on a WW2 1:48 Scale Diorama as a gift for a relative.

    I decided on 1:48 scale for two reasons, firstly its the closest scale to what I'm used to working with on Citadel and Forgeworld items, and second it is compact and easier to transport (which is vital as the finished piece would have to travel overseas with me to Minsk to be delivered).

    Having spent my new year celebrations in Minsk (Belarus), with my girlfriends family we spent sometime in the "Great Patriotic War Museum" which is what the former USSR countries and Russia refer to WW2 as. This term specifically relates to what we know as the Eastern front. Having seen the amazing exhibits at the museum I felt inspired to model a Red Army peice as I felt it only appropriate.

    Incidently the displays in the museum were fantastic with a huge collection that focussed only on Partisan resistance groups, the Red Army, and Nazi Concentration camps in Belarus and Southern Russia. To see such a large collection focussed on just Russian and USSR WW2 History was very interesting as most museums I've visited in the UK and Europe have been wide ranging covering German and Allied forces, allowing little depth for each.

    I decided to go with Tamiya 1:48 kits for this project as I was very impressed with the components I used in my Thunderbolt Diorama from Tamiya. As reference I'm working from the following two books by Osprey Publishing, In particular the work of Mig Jimenez of MIG Productions fame was a huge influence and inspiration. He really is a fantastic modeller and painter.

    These really are great books, not only very interesting in terms of history and background, but also as modelling guides they are four star and easily on the level of the Forgeworld Masterclass Book (which obviously owes alot to books likes these and Mig's F.A.Q book). They also have lots of full colour plates and cross sections which is very interesting generally speaking in Tank design, where principles could be easily transfered over to 40K Imperial Guard Armour.

    The Diorama plan:

    The diorama will be a small peice with a T34/76 Tank driving through a battlefield scene with Infantry riding the tank as well as running along side the vehicle. The idea is to have a muddy battlefield with effects such as tank tracks pressed into the ground, craters from shelling, as well as a great deal of water effects filling muddy puddles and craters etc. I want to try and give the piece a gritty realistic look whilst not going too over the top with the mud effects and weathering.

    The Models:

    As you can see the detail on the Tamiya kits is fantastic for plastic models, and easily on par with forgeworlds resin infantry in terms of scale and detail. It was really nice to get away from "heroic" scale figues and work on something that was actually much more realistic in terms of proportion and sculpt.

    Here's a scale comparision next to a forgeworld infantry sized miniature:

    Scale wise they are a close match and as I found with my Thunderbolt ground crew the plastic Tamiya components fit very nicely with the forgeworld troops and really open up some interesting and exciting conversions opportunities.
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