This is a log to track the fortunes of the various forces involved in the Anchorage Annexation a campaign waged in the Antona Australis system, the PCRC's personal little sector of the 40k galaxy.

Anchorage is historically a neutral area of the sector, but recent colonisation by the tau has unbalanced the region, and an Imperial taskforce has been sent to ensure the 'filthy blueskins' can't gain a firm foothold. Needless to say, this has stirred up a hornet's nest of xeno traders, mercenaries and various unsavoury characters, including orks and eldar!

Our gaming group has just bought some Aeronautica Imperialis models and the rules, and we're frantically painting stuff up for the initial skirmishes. As a result, the Anchorage Annexation will mainly be fought in the skies of the various moons of the principal planet, though doubtless we'll get stuck into some ground war when it comes to capturing cities...

Overview of the System
Lying in a neutral zone contested by Imperial forces but fostered by the other principal species, the star system Anchorage contains only one world, M-M-12-12, orbitting a bright white star named Anchorage Prime. A cross-section of M-M-12-12 is shown in the accompanying pict-capture, demonstrating the various layers of atmosphere. The moon of Old Sleet is visible as a dark spot to the lower left.

Devoid of any useful materials or minerals, M-M-12-12 is officially classified as a Dead World. It does support temporary inhabitants, but the lack of a breathable atmosphere and any resources means that the new settlements rarely last long.

However, the large planet does support a number of viable satellites: three natural moons (Merryweather, Monstrous and Old Sleet) and the orbital trading city of Venn'Tradi.

Merryweather is so called owing to its lush grasslands and temperate climate. A true paradise world, Merryweather has many settlements from numerous species, and its mercenary forces (paid in time allowance on the surface) have long resisted any subsumation into any permanent empire.

Monstrous is the largest moon, and possesses a similar climate. However, plasma and ion storms frequently wrack the moon, and have reduced many areas to ash wastes. There are many settlements here, including ork, human (Imperial and non-Imperial) and tau. Rumours even abound of eldar artefacts on the surface. A dense population means that there are numerous cities dotted across the surface, and at least two sub-hive category conurbations Swathe Ling and Wood's Port.

Old Sleet is a dismal, seleostationary satellite that always lurks in M-M-12-12's shadow, receiving no light from the nearby sun. Naturally a desert world of pallid sand, refractory mirrors placed in orbit by earth caste engineers are being combined with the moon's natural heavy rainfall to promote biodome plant growth.

Recently colonised by the tau, there are numerous reports of sub-atmospheric conflicts with orks and other piractical raiders. These have escalated sharply since the colonisation began.

Venn'Tradi is open to all races that can reach M-M-12-12, and forms a nominally neutral meeting place for all the species of the sector under the auspices of its builders, the Brightsword Protectorate. It has been the location for at least seven minor space battles including the loss of the Ff'fell Ff'fell, Kor'O Galli'Free's flagship.

Venn'Tradi is hugely important to Tau morale in the sector, and Taskforce Warhound has it in its sights. Of course, Kor'O Galli'Free has no intention of losing a second encounter with the Imperials, and has reinforced his air and naval forces considerably.

In any case that's no moon it's a fully operational battlestation!

The Manassas Crisis marks the first full-scale battle.