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Thread: 2000pts of lizard magic fun

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    2000pts of lizard magic fun

    This is a list a thought I could have some fun with. I have a couple of friends who I have 3 way battles with from time to time. They play high elves and wold elf armies. I thought this list might be fun to play against them.

    Lord Mazdamundi - 620 pts


    Tetto'Eko - 255 pts

    Skink Priest lvl 2 - diadem of power - 125 pts

    Skink Priest lvl 2 - plaque of tepok, power stone - 135 pts


    18 saurus warriors - spears, fc - 210 pts

    16 skinks - 80 pts

    10 skink skirmishers - 70 pts

    10 Skinks - 50 pts


    6 saurus cavalry - fc, jaguar standard - 285 pts

    3 Terradons - 90 pts


    Salamander with 1 extra skink - 80 pts

    Total - 2000 pts

    My plan is to Cast comic events at the start of the magic phase and then have the priests all casting lore of heavens spells with irresistable force on doubles. These spells do not require LOS, so I can hide my priests behind skink screens as my army advances. Mazdamundi will take the lore of life and will cast howler wind and gift of life if he takes any wounds, and of course ruination of cities when he gets into range. My terradons will hunt hereos and bolt throwers and the cavalry and mazdamundi will try and set up charges. The saurus warriors will try to receive charges while the salamanders will try and mess up the ranks of troops that advance towards me.

    What do you think, will I have fun with this list?
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