happend thursday.
i play skaven.
now, i have had miscasts before.
i have killed my seer on the first turn before.
hell, i once Irresistable forced some warplighting and then killed the caster with double 1's for hits.

but thursday?

outclassed by a 8 dispel die dwarf list, my lowly 2 warlocks were struggleing. one had I.F.'d a bolt that turned a unit of thunderers into fried sausages. but the next turn....

Caster 1. sees a unit of hammerers and a bsb, needs to get them down as the unit that was supposed to deter them for a while paniced after a hellblaster shot. so he has to chug a bit of warpstone. he reolls a 5, a 1 and a 1 on the warpstone dice. he is autowounded, then rolls a 3 on the miscast table. dead, with 3 rats with him.

oh well, it happens right? i still have my other who is strategicly place in a tower on the left flank with some jezzails. he takes aim, at (ironically enough) a second unit of hammerers.
miscast. takes a wound, and loses a level. now he is a 110 point paperwieght. my magic phase goes poof, and the game speeds up a little bit.

anyone else ever lose multiple casters at all at once? this was a serious owtch moment for me.