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    Leman Russ Vanquisher 211

    11-13-09 : it seems my model is finished by a long time, eh?
    I edit this first post, so you take this thread as a step by step airbrush painting of a LR Vanquisher, and not a WIP project
    Let's start!

    The assembly was (sorry I didn't took pics) hasardous, because of the bad mould of the mars alpha pattern hull. The Vanquisher cannon was of course bended but a quick bath in hot water unbended it to a straight, proud 2D6 armor pen' cannon.
    I chose to add sponsons because of the rumor of lumbering behemoth rule + Vanquisher cannon not being ordnance anymore, and I find sponsons really cool, so go for sponsons!
    Finally, I cut that DKK stubber to replace it by a more generic stubber, from the vehicule sprue, to fit better with my other tanks.

    The painting method will be airbrush: AZTEK A430 double-action, Tamiya acrylics paints XF-58 for the green, XF-57 for the sand, XF-10 brown for the shades.

    Sorry again I've no pic of the start of this project: whole model painted green.
    I start here after the 2 tones camo is painted.

    C&C are welcomed and appreciated, as always. See you soon for the next step!
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    Leman Russ Vanquisher 211 Airbrush step by step tutorial

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