Ok, some might consider me wierd, others brilliant, and a very select few (also known as the majority), just stark barking mad, but, as things have turned out, I am fiddling on a second gaming system.

This time, it is not about armies, nor about massive fleets, instead, it is about the little encounters. Around 10 to 12 models per side, and I have got some good inspiration for not one, not two, but three factions inside of the game as well.

We have:

Crusaders - based on the popular-culture perception of Knight Templars as really really badass people, shining armour, white robes, magical powers, the whole deal. However, at the basis, we would have the nitty gritty medieval warriors, padded cloth armour, helmets, occasional chainmail coifs. Crossbows, towershields, metal sallets etc. The summoned would then consist of Knights Templars, some with acolytes, and various forms of Angels (angel, arch angel, seraphim?).

Daemons (need a better name) - Again, we would have the medieval warriors at the basis, no platemail or anything here either, nitty gritty padded cloth etc. For the summons, we would have Fallen Templars, one model with unique effects for each Cardinal Sin, some with lesser daemons, some without. And we would have the big badass daemons, somewhere allong the lines of: Hell Hound, Lord of Circles and The Dragon?

And finally, the one I am not sure of
The Dark Fae - I allready have some plans for these models as this is what my Chaos army will be reworked into, but I honestly think this is where they would shine the most. Basic troops would, again be the basic warriors associated with the medieval ages, but with thorns instead of crosses or black clothing to distinguish them. For the summons, I would have some sort of fae creatures and some form of big forest creatures for the larger ones, I haven't decided where my individual concepts goes yet.

The game will have a summoning system based on the blood of your own men being spillt and the blood of your enemies being spillt, fae might have slightly different summoning system but I am not decided on this. Essentially, each faction should need to think twice before entering into full scale massacre of the enemy BUT killing enemy models also gives the chance to activate a summon of your own. Need to consider whether to make it "if you/your enemy has lost X Blood, you can blabla" or "if you/your enemy has X more than the other you can blabla"

Now, movement will be inch based if I use a D6 system and Cm based if I use a D10 system, mostly because of the charge mechanic I've thought of, basically, you can only enter combat by declairing a ¤fancy name of charge¤-action, at which point, you move Movement+D6/D10

When losing a combat, you get knocked back and on the roll of a 50/50+, you can't leap/charge with that model during the next turn, this to allow even small models to continously beat off more powerful ones with a bit of luck and also give the idea of someone continously pushing his own assault forward.

I have not decided fully on the combat system

I do know that I will want something like

Defense: Score needed to inflict damage
Attack: Score modifying the "inflict damage roll"

and then a table you check if you manage to inflict damage
Something like

Major part (eg. 1-3): knock back
small part (eg. 4-5): knock down
smallest part (eg. 6): inflict wound-equivalent.

Movement would be during one phase, choosing movement would be done by each player placing a face down marker/card near each model or each card for the models, then each player, in turns, reveals their first move, does something with the model, then second etc. This should be able to prevent some models from activating by engaging them in combat.

Models will also come with Corpse-versions, at least the humble peasants that are to be killed to further the goals and machinations of greater powers. Humble cannonfodder that are useful even when dead. For when dead, the corpses will stay on the table to provide bonuses etc.

Some might be able to eat them, devour them etc. to regenerate or temporarily boost their strength. Others will feed on them to permanently buff strength or defense. Others still will be able to resurrect them, or transform them, or use them as components for abillities etc.

Copyright Henrik Granlid, Steamflight Games

Figured I should add it in there I am really rabbid about this kind of stuff ^^

Now, onto the questions, all the feedback ever possible would be MUCHLY appreciated, rules will likely be written over the coming weekend, but what do you people think of these ideas?

And more importantly, what do YOU want to see in a skirmish game of 8-12 models (at most, and they shouldn't be on the table all at the same time).

Do you want a D6 or a D10 system, perhaps a mixed one? Some sort of objectives? Etc. etc.