Good evening all!

I have decided that my Ressurected Ork warband will most likely hail from the Blood Axe Philosophy of battle.

As such, I was wondering if I could get some warseer advice as to what units to take that would make it the most "Blood Axey" possible. I'm thinking Kommandoes (probably two units?) and a unit of Tank Bustaz would help... Maybe a lobba battery (due to a fluff focus on hive-world combat)

As well, any painting tips would be greatly appreciated too! What colours might work? where should I focus camo? Is the face off limits or too odd looking?

I'm thinking of using some grey colour as a majority base, and then adding various 'lurid' camo... But as well, I kind of fancy adding some stripes of a sort of yellow-and-black diagonal industrial floor-tape style pattern, just to liven things up-- and it just seems Hive-worldish to me.... but would that be out of the question for Orks with a Blood Axe mindset??

Here's an example of that "yellow and black industrial floor tape pattern" which I may add in minor ways, to some shoulder pads and/or vehicles:

Anyway any thoughts on style, painting, and army composition (even down to weapon choices-- though I fancy shootas!) would be wonderful! Much thanks