Within the Old World lies forests darker than the mind of any madman, and deeper than the Sea of Worms, within them dwell the Forest Spirits and the Beastmen, some whisper of Ahsra'ee, a kindred of pale figures that blend with shadows and hold vile hunts on human livestock. But there are more legends associated with the ancient forests of darkness and twisted trees, of moss and stone and eyes in the dark.

Some speak of beautiful maidens that dance at dawn and trap any who they find watching, for them to use as playthings and join them in the eternal dance in the mists of sunrise. Others speak of valiant knights of old Breton and mighty Empire, who journey into the depths and hearts of the forest to battle against foul fiends, and are never heard of again. Some say there is a tree adorned in the shields of these men, guarded by a knight clad in black armour, whilst others say the Fairy Queen herself takes them as her champions, to do battle between themselves and to others.

There are stories of maidens who went out to do laundry or chores near the brink of the forest, their songs causing the trees around them to fall in love. When the maidens then sought to leave, they would not find the pathway home where it had been before, instead, a new pathway would be open and they would tread upon it, only to dissapear into darkness and scream in the shadows as the trees took them in and made them part of themselves.

I will tell you of these fairytales children, and I trust your parents to retell them and sorely scold you if you do not pay heed to this, for the forests of these lands are dark, and in the darkness waits the fae.

This will be the log which details the reconstruction of my Warriors of Chaos army, it will take over where Valdred left off (although, the saga of valdred will continue, however, at the moment, the saga will be put to the side in favour of these tales), meaning that it will include the models, and some of the background of Valdred and his village. The log will also retell different fairytales that I will write, they will likely be inspired by things you have read before, and that is the very purpose of it, to take themes from legends, myths and stories and weave them all together into one army.

If you do not like fluff, feel free to just scroll past any italic text and just watch the models, but don't come asking "why do they look like that?" if you don't at least skim it before asking.

First of all, my warshrine, inspired by a piece of Arthurian myth which I simply cannot properly remember where I read it.

Long ago, near the forest of Ghálons in the land of Breton, a young noble was summoned by the king, his task was simple and his heart was humble, hunt down and slay the man responsible for the murders of several trusted knights in the service of our land. Or at least see to it that the man responsible is found and that he shall be considered for the army should he prove worthy.

The knights had not been merely murdered, but beaten and killed in what seemed like a duel, their shields were nowhere to be found and their bodies were laid across the backs of their horses, so that when the horse did run, it carried its master on its back. Five knights and three young errants had all returned to their homes around the forest of Ghálons in this maner. All of them had ridden their steeds into the forest, and their corpses had ridden them back.

And so the young man set out to find this mystic man whom it was that had killed the honored knights, for five days and five nights he rode and coaxed his way through the forest. Untill one day, in the early morning light that fell sparsely through the trees, he heard a giggle from behind. The young knight turned around, his sword and shield raised high and fast... but noone stood there, it was but empty bushes and hollow trees. And then he heard it yet again, but from further in this time, a female voice, so fair and frail it enthralled him and trapped his heart. "Come see my champion oh youngling knight, come see him and test your strength and worth", she giggled again. The young noble could not resist, it was as if a siren called him, haunted him, dragged him onwards, as if a horse with steady pull, forced his steps ever onwards.

And there, in a clearing, near a tree all hung with shields, stood a man much taller than he had ever seen, clad in black and wicked armour, but the armour was not truly foreign, nor was it awful wicked, it bore resemblance to both Breton and Empire, it bore the helmet of a noble and the knives of a savage. Long ago there had been a Lord, the young noble recalled, who had sought to best each man and beast opposed to Giles himself. And so the Lord set out, his armour forged for battle alone, a great axe hung by his side... and into the forest of Ghálons he rode.

The young noble swallowed down hard, but he could not back down, something pulled his heart, played and twitched the strings that tied it to himself, he had to face this man, clad fully in black and with an axe that looked as if it could fell a tree with but a single blow. The giggling sound of the woman or girl fluttered through the air like a host of butterflies, sounding of silver bells and leaping brooks. The black knight before him picked up his axe and looked his way, the wind playing in the shields that hung from the tree behind the knight, and our young noble saw but his own death in the jetblack armour of the knight and the silverbell laughter of the fae.

Later on that day, a horse came trotting from within the forest, on its back the corpse of our young noble, his sword shattered and still in his grip, a large gaping wound across his chest, but his shield his beloved did not get to see, for it hung from the branch of a tree, deep within the forest, the silver laughter of the fae wrapping it in mists.

The shrine is not fully completed yet, there should be some sort of fae added to the branches of the tree and there is a log missing from the base, of course the leaves should come on as well, as should some stone and sand and some foilage and paint. But the conversion itself is basically done.

I envisaged a tree that is also a shrine to the Fae, the cavity will have a foilage floor inside of it and I shall place a small candle in there as well, OSL-painting the inside to look as if the candle is lit. I might drill some holes into the area from different angles in order to naturally light it a bit as well.

The tree was done using the Warhammer Forest tree with ropes around it, Dryad back-bits and an arm was then added to the lower root-parts in order to make it look more as if though it is crawling forward using its roots. I also added two bretonnian shields to the ropes hanging from the tree, as well as two Empire knight shields to the ropes binding the tree together and a High Elf shield to the back of it all. The Bretonnian and High Elf shields will be freehanded or transfered with different heraldry and colours to represent different knights having fallen to the black knight guarding it.

The Black Knight is one of the new Chosen models, the one with as few Chaos symbols on him as possible, he has also been given a Bretonnian Knight of the Realm head and the remnants of a chainmail cloak have been sculpted on his back.

Not really a lot more to say about this model, I've got the "What makes a fae" question up in the painting section in order to get some feedback and ideas on what to do with the Fae, heck, do I even need one?