I figured I would ask as the picking an army guide is REALLY dated and the sections stating army popularity are useless. It refers to EVERY army as being a popular choice. I have been away from the hobby a long time and have been working on the starter box. As I'm painting the final pieces I'm trying to decide which army to go with. Having Goblins and Dwarfs finished already is NOT a factor; I wouldn't want the low quality models in my final army anyways. I've long E-bayed everything years ago and I'm starting from scratch. The main two factors that I want to go with in choosing my army is picking something that is at the bottom end of popularity and something that can at least be competitive without being broken (no daemons and VC). I go with power builds so an army that isn't even capable of one is of no use to me (no Greenskins). I would be willing to hold off and wait for Skaven or TK(I know they arenít very popular) to come out if enough confirmed rumors surface making them sound like a good option, otherwise I wouldn't want to go with something thatís long waiting for their new book. If anyone has a list (or could make one without guessing heavily) of world-wide popularity on the armies that would help.