I've been browsing FW stuff on ebay and cannot fathom why on earth people bid so much on it. I'm not talking about the pro-painted/assembled stuff, just the models that come exactly as you would get them from forgeworld.

For example, today I saw a MKIV venerable dread (22 from FW) going for 36 with a few days still to go!! (no arms either) The shipping cost for it was about the same if not more that FW would charge. Then I saw a dread weapon going for 10 - why when FW charges less than 6 and shipping works out the same?

Is their international shipping just stupidly expensive or something? I can't imagine why else people bid so much. There's always the time factor, although auctions take time to end and then people don't necessarily ship straight away either.

Please discuss and offer input - I may consider a change of career if I can start retailing FW stuff at a 50% markup with guaranteed sales!!! (just kidding)