Just got into fantasy a year ago and has had plenty of fun with that game.

So I was browsing 40K models as I was contemplating doing a Dark Heresy RPG campaign and I was wondering whether it was worth thrying this out too.

I used to play 40K that was back in 1st and 2nd edition, before GW had thought of the idea of codexes and had only started publishing army list collected from WD in random books (Squats, Eldar Harlequin, Genestealer Chaos Cults etc.).

The WFB fanboys on this site seem to regard 40K as more of a kids game focussed on rolling dice and devoid of tactics and strategy, is this true?

Also I was thinking of doing either Tau, as I like the idea of remote controlled drones and mecha, and the models has a certain sleek and believable sci fi look. Or else do Daemonhunters, as I never got to try out the Ordo Malleus list from the Realms of Chaos Lost and the Damned its so unfair when kids haven't got rich parents

So what are the fighting styles of these two armies like?

Thanks for your help