In a moment of madness I've decided that my next 40k army is going to be yet another RT style Chaos Renegade force. This one will be entirely Khorne flavored and built around a core of "Khorne Beserkers". To this end I'm collecting a force of Khorne marked RT renegades and the '92 World Eater figures (I'm working to procure a Bloodslaughterer as a "counts as dreadnaught" too) But I'm torn as to how to paint them.

Should I paint them in the varied, non-uniform style of Chaos marines in the early days as depicted in the "Slaves to Darkness" book? I took this stylistic aproach when painting my Slannesh Marines and I think they look great. Or should I use the more modern paint scheme as presented in the " 'Eavy Metal" photos of the '92 World Eaters?

Included are scans of the two styles I am refering to.

I've narrowed it down to these two choices. What do you think? Explain your answer.