We recently started a campaign. I get the impression that not many people play campaigns though they would like to. Therefore I decided to write down what has happened so far. Maybe it can be some kind of inspiration.
Bear in mind that this is not written as a piece of fiction. A campaign with more than two participants would seldom make for a good story. But it is written with fluff in mind because without it... well... what would be the use of trying to link battles?

Now, lets take a look at what has happened so far:
Cato is the chaplain responsible for bringing in Cypher who at the time was operating under the namn Jorge. He followed him to research station M’gele in the Nigra, where the ordo Xenos were working on a top secret project concerning the tyranids. Evidence shows that Cypher/Jorge contacted them and then transmissions from RS M’gele were lost.
When Cato arrived there was noone living in the station compound. Surveillance satellites, when accessed, showed that a ship called the Enigma had set course for Viridian at the same time the transmissions went down. Cato followed.

But he was not alone, setting course for Viridian. Deep in space, the splinter fleet Grendel changed course, racing to meet the Enigma. There must have been something kept in M’gele that the primitive urges of the hive mind coveted, something that they could sense over lightyears of empty space.

Three continents with several large cities and numerous population almost died in the first few days.
Only on Viridian prime, a lucky combination of winds and star fort Daedalus kept the monstosities away as refugees, including the nuns of the ordo Lacrimae and the mordian 88:th borderwolves, defended the shores from the Devourer.

Then came the Dark Angel shuttle, crashing into the inland jungles. They were met by the fallen angels and their deamon allies. Were the deamonic force looking for them on Cyphers behalf? Or were they looking for Cypher themselves and just happend to meet with Catos expedition? Questions without answers. At least from the human perspective.

Eldar pirates are a not uncommom occurance in the Pelagus subsystem and though some explorers claim to have found xenos artefacts on Viridian as well as other places in the sector, there had been no recent sightings. That might only mean they have left no witnesses.

A fast moving force attacked the dark angels just as they were securing the area where the chaos marines had been driven off. With overwhelming speed they attacked the marines, leaving them disorganised and confused, then disappeared as quickly as they had come.

Meanwhile, a force of sisters, under command of mother Mary-Celeste, trod the roads inland from the coast. There had been the unidentified shuttles and the orbital fort had read mysterious energy peaks that could only mean plasma reaktors or weapons. Even though it meant leaving the coastline dangerously unguarded, the risk of being attacked from behind was deemed greater. They were met by the eldar, intent on driving them from the area. Retreat was the only option and the eldar moved further down the coast where the tyranids now had a foothold (claw?).

This time the enemy of our enemy proved to be our friend and killed off the tyranid invasion force’s synapse creatures with surgical precision. They did not defeat the horde though, there being far to many of them to deal with even for these aliens, and the Eldar once again disappeared without a trace.

Mother Mary-Celestes force kept to the valleys, moving from one abandoned village to another. Several bodies were found and there were many bolter wounds showing. Then the scouts reported a force of marines in the valley ahead. The only way back to the coast, to the true battle against the devourer was through them. And through they went. They had tyranids to deal with!

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