I have two marine armies, Ultramarines & Imperial Fists. I've gone off Ultramarines after doing my IF army project and realising that the new space marine codex is mostly devoted to Ultramarines. So I had enough of the glory goody two shoe blue boys and I was thinking of cannibalising them into another breed of blue boys, Crimson Fists !

My Ultramarine army isn't the best any way and has some spare models and others already in use for the crimson fists. Also I could still keep the Ultramarines just in a smaller force, perhaps about 1,500 points inc Marneus Calgar.

So here's the possible Crimson Fists list:


petro kantor


10 x Sternguard inc rhino - sgt with relic blade

10 x marines inc rhino - heavy bolter & flamer - sgt with power weapon

10 x marines inc rhino - rocket launcher & flamer - sgt with power weapon

10 x vanguard inc rhino - sgt with relic blade

1 x land raider crusader

1 x predator - autocannon turret heavy bolter sponsons

I can rob one tact squad from the UM's and purchase another. The Vanguard I already have jump pack-less assault squad which could be used. I have a spare land raider, can just count as crusader and also a predator. The list isn't meant to be discussed here, but is mainly against ork armies to keep in CF background.

So should I start another marine project and have a smaller goody goody boys in blue force with chief Calgar? That way I can make the left over UM force from the 1st company