No Need for a drawn out introduction I feel, but since I got a tablet I've been doing this and that, and a few 40k things here and there, and of course I'd like to share it with you.

So here we go, not perfect, texts too small, but a wee bit of practace with panel layouts is a scene with the commander of my IG and a planatary governer, based on Geffory Palmer (who you may recognise from as time goes by, or tomorrow never dies) who I always thought would fit right into a 40k film.

Next is some pre-tablet stuff, a Female IG sniper which I did for The Dudes kill team project.

And some old sketchy stuff, Warrior Woman from the last chancers and more kill team stuff.

And for more, mostly Non 40k stuff, feel free to go here:

As ever, harsh criticism is greatly apreciated