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Thread: Modern zombies from Wargames Factory

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    Modern zombies from Wargames Factory

    i don't think anyone has posted about this since their release (i couldn't pull up anything in a search), but Wargames Factory have just released a 'modern' zombie sprue, which is somewhat easier to pass of as being part of the 40kiverse than the medieval zombies from the Warhammer range. and at $17.95 for 24 models, they seem to me well worth a look if you were planning on collecting those Plague Zombies for Apocalypse:

    more details here

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    Re: Modern zombies from Wargames Factory

    Not bad at all. I bouth a bunch of West Wind german zombies awhile ago, but still, you can never have enough zombies.

    Though I would need some painted pics before I go ahead and buy some.

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    Re: Modern zombies from Wargames Factory

    Moved to SF and Fantasy.

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    Re: Modern zombies from Wargames Factory

    I'd need a scale comparison and better sprue pics (from both sides of the sprue) before I'd buy. Some legs look interesting though, for converting civvies etc.

    Why did they insist on having a fixed left arm? Not a good design decision IMO.

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    Re: Modern zombies from Wargames Factory

    Hey good find. These would be good for plague zombies. On another note, look at these guys for another German style IG army and even Praetorians. Good find!
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