Ok, this army was made up when I was staring at a cool pic of the Nightbringer and began to wonder "What if there was a Space Marine army based off of the Grim Reaper?" Thus the Death Scythes were born...er um thought up. I then began wondering about how they came to be and their paint scheme. I really love the look of Black Templars so I used that scheme as a base and I remembered that they were part of Armagedon which made me wonder "What if the Black Templars had lost half of thier huge chapter on the way?" well here you go!

Chapter Name: Death Scythes

Gene Seed: Imperial Fists/ Black Templars

Back Story: About half of the Black Templars were lost in warp on the way to the Battle of Armageddon and resurfaced again in the Eye of Terror where they stayed for 800 years. During those 800 years they had lost all records of where they had come from and forgot all about their past lives. They became more tribal and vicious. Among them two champions rose in the daily wars they had against the vile creatures of the Eye of Terror. Mortanious, a Librarian who learned the immense skill of raising the dead out of sheer determination thus earning him the title of “Necromancer”. The second warrior was originally just a veteran named Elisha who was torn limb from limb by a Tyranid Hive Tyrant. He was brought back from the brink by using Necron-like technology. He became known as “Maul” from then on foreword. The army has an abundance of power weapons in the form of one handed scythes which are wielded by their elites called “Reapers”. They painted there armor with white paint to make a skeletal appearance.

Characteristics: Painted Black with a skeleton painted on their fronts and a skull painted on one shoulder pad and their face is painted with a skull on it. Almost every Space Marine is equipped with a single handed scythe close combat weapon.