Hey all. Recently got a camera so decided to take photos of my armies both past and present. Ive been collecting for 7 years and in that time have built up some large sized armies!

I have:
-Imperial Guard (~8000 pts)
-World Eaters (~2000 pts)
-Death Guard (~3000 pts)
-Thousand Sons (~2000 pts)
-Black Legion (~2000pts + any additions from the above)
-White Scars (~1000 pts, still working slowly on them)
-Grey Knights (~1500 pts)
-Ulthwe Eldar (~2000 pts)
-Daemons (~1500 pts)
-Black Templars (recently started, going to be ~2000 pts)

With that out of the way, tell me what you would like to see and I will take pics and put them up!

First up are some Grey Knights

Power Armoured GK

GK Terminators and Stern