After having a good old shufty through the WoTR book and with some games under my belt, I thought it'd be about time to try writing my own army list (and not at all because I've been challenged to a 1500pts campaign/tournament/thing), so after a rummage, and a look at what would fit into my allies allocation (boo no dragon!), I've come up with the following;

Suladan, the serpent lord (epic hero) - leads the army, inspires some people, bashes enemy characters in duels (cheap ones) for free might.

The shadow lord (epic hero) - lovely magic, lowers courage so my monsters can have fun, protects camels from shooting.

4 Companies haradrim spear, chieftain, banner, taskmaster, hasharii - main combat block, lots of silly abilities

3 Companies haradrim bow - for shooting stuff

3 Companies Haradrim raiders, banner - out flankers to support the combat block

3 Companies Haradrim raiders - out flankers to support the combat block. Basically same as above

3 Companies Mahud Raiders, chieftain - main cav unit, and they're camels which is nice.

Mumak - for trumple-ing things. Maybe some shooting too.


Mordor troll - for running at things

Mordor Troll Chieftain - for running AND shouting at things.

Now this seems in my head to be a reasonably balanced 1500pt force, but I haven't had the chance to test it out, and similarly all the games I've seen/played have been "dump cool stuff on the board and go!", so I have no idea as to anyone else's thought's on a "sensible" army. Is one combat block going to be enough, even with cav/monster support?

Any thoughts would be cool, and similarly anyone else's suggestions would be welcome (currently this is mainly formed from just grouping together my existing models), and along those lines - what are you taking in your army?