View Poll Results: Which cult based army is the most competitive

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  • Death Guard (Nurgle)

    44 59.46%
  • World Eaters (Khorne)

    12 16.22%
  • Thousand Sons (Tzeentch)

    6 8.11%
  • Emperors Children (Slannesh)

    12 16.22%
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Thread: Most competitive! chaos cult army

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    Most competitive! chaos cult army

    Ok just a bit of a fun poll/thread to see what you guys think is both the most competitive CSM cult army.

    By cult army I mean that which tries to keep very much to the cult units as troops and the avoidance of the likes of other vanillia units (normal CSM, havocs etc..), but the use of vehicles predators etc of course and the lieks of lesser daemons etc.

    I know there is somewhat of a grey area in this now since the new chaos codex is very vanilla in nature, but i think you all know the kinda armies I am talking about.

    Personally I think it has to be the Death Guard pound for pound they just seem like the best all round force (with the slightly unfluffy introduction of rhinos of course ).
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