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Thread: Ogre sized Creatures FIGHT!

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    Ogre sized Creatures FIGHT!

    Im just wondering what people thought of the comparisons between the ogre sized creatures. Im going to ignore all the fancy ogres and just include the standard ogre for this test. Also going to try ignore tabletop stats and base this on fluff since theyre all rounded values balanced for playing

    Best <---> Worse

    Minotaur DragonOgre Kroxigor RatOgre Ushabti Ogre TreeKin Trolls

    Combat Skill
    DragonOgre Minotaur Ushabti TreeKin Kroxigor Ogre RatOgre Trolls

    DragonOgre Kroxigor Trolls RatOgre Ogre TreeKin Minotaur Ushabti

    DragonOgre TreeKin Kroxigor RatOgre Minotaur Trolls Ushabti Ogre

    TreeKin Trolls DragonOgre Kroxigor RatOgre Minotaur Ogre Ushabti

    DragonOgre TreeKin Ogre Minotaur Kroxigor Trolls RatOgre Ushabti

    What do people think?
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