A long time ago i was thinking to start a story regarding the fluff of my Craftworld, with an avatar taking the protagonism and the main point of view in it. But i have troubles to describe this, just because we really donīt have any sources about how his mind/psyche works, and how is the world through his eyes.

I mean, does an Avatar take orders from a warseer or autarch? could it be controlled in some psychic way? what he/it thinks about the eldars who fight on his side? How he knows what is the priority target in a battle, or that which he should face ? Does he have any notion of strategy/tactics or just walks in a straight line roaring and smashing all the things in front of him? could he even pronounce single words? is he capable of some primary comunication with the eldar soldiers? mind you, we know almost nothing about this.

Maybe we can suggest an analogy with the Bloodthirster or any other great demon, being capable to speak or draw a plain. After all, he is technically a demon. But..i donīt really see more ressemblances with the Chaos demons than with a simple golem. So, where we should place the limits of an Avatars mind, consciousness and personality?