Lots of new miniature companies who provide models that fit warhammer fantasy or 40k are on a rise now. Now, personally, I love most of them and I'm a big fan of companies like AoW and even newer companies look very promising indeed.

But I feel the rumour forum should solely be reserved for GW rumours. Right now there are lots of 'third party' companies promoting their works there. And again, I'm all for them. But I think they deserve their own rumour forum.

GW rumours are on themselves far more interesting as they contain models as wel as rules/army book rumours. And after all, these miniature companies aren't even allowed to directly sell their products under the Warhammer brand.

So, before the entire rumour thread turns into a third party WIP forum, I suggest a new forum (or two, for 40k and for Fantasy) for third party companies to display their new products.