So I need to apocalypsize my Black Legion army. I have all my FOC sots used up, except one fast attack, as two Raptor squads is all I want, and I hate the idea of motorcycles in battle.

I, like most players, love tanks and heavy support options and want some big tanks and such. I like Baneblades and the others, but I am not sure what fits into the theme of the army. Bandblade could be fellblade of course, but are any of the other variants of that hull heresy-era?

I do not want to say it was captured or what not, but a daemonic member of the legion, that has fought alongside its brothers since the heresy.

So, what i am asking, is what of the following work as heresy-era equipment?

Baslisk Battery
Suppression Force
Baneblade / Hellhammer
Shadowsword and variants

Please discuss and share ideas.