Ok I have 2 questions:

So what's the deal with the Waagh! special rule and 5th edition?

The Ork codex was released during 4th edition so the rules make perfect sense for 4th edition.

However the problem comes with 5th edition the Fleet special rule was changed so that you no longer roll a D6 to see how far you move. Now we do that through running, so that Waagh! only grants fleet special rule in it's current form correct?

So here's the big problem...Ghazghkull Thraka's special rule says you always count as rolling a 6 for the Waagh! movement during his special Waagh!

How does that translate to 5th edition?

By RAW my interpretation is that this is one of those cases where the new rulebook made an ability/upgrade pointless. Since you don't roll a D6 for fleet anymore and RUN is not at all mentioned in the entry.

I am a new Ork player, I'd like to point out and that was my interpretation of the rules for him. Meaning I still have to roll a D6 for run even if using Ghazghkull's Waagh!, However today I played versus an Ork player that was actually using Ghazghkull and I was playing space marines. And he called upon his special waagh! and claimed that he gets to make his normal move in the movement phase, and then move another automatic 6" in the shooting phase + assault me as normal.

And we had an hour long debate on this. Because I stress that nowhere does it say that Ghazghkull gets a 6" RUN move automatically. And everyone at the store debated that this is how it worked in 4th edition which I admit makes PERFECT sense 'in 4th edition' but not in 5th.

So really im sure this must have come up before and if not enlighten me because in the end we just rolled off to solve the problem 1-2 my way, 3-6 his way. He won the roll and subsequently the game as I was NOT counting on Ghazghkull to have a 6" move in the shooting phase from an automatic RUN that is never mentioned in his entry.

We also checked the FAQ and there's no mention of this. So either GW believes the rule is crystal clear or they assume everyone will play by RAI, including new Ork players like myself.

The second question is how long does Ghazghkull's Waagh! last. Originally from reading his entry I thought 'all following player turn' meant that once you use his waagh everyone has fleet until the game ends. Or does this imply that it is only for the entirety of that 1 turn?