Hey guys!

Newbie to 40K I decided to start small and simple with a necron army, but quite to my taste it now is something big and complex

I'm a fan of good deals and the Necron army seems to come quite cheaply if you are up for some minor conversions and a few scratchbuilts. My calculations show that an unit of 8 Immortals and 8 Flayed Ones would cost more than 100 bucks, but I plan on saving up to U$70 by converting a few pieces to make those two! Monolith, tomb spiders and Wraiths will also be scratch or salvaged from other bits, read along to check it out.

Another thing I decided as I waited for the first units to arrive was that my army was going to be unique. All Necron armies seem to be the same and people have a hard time making necron conversions. So I decided to change that and make some new and original stuff.

Fluff-wise my necron are one of the first ones to give away their live forms and as such they are less likely to give away their humanoid forms. Thus my destroyers and wraiths all are going to be vehicles and "suits" with an immortal or warrior inside. Another theme is that my army will make exclusive use of machine-tentacles (think of Dr. Octopus or the Sentinels from the Matrix).

Well, here are my plans:

My Monolith will be quite different from the GW standard, I decided to mkae it like this so my army would be trulçy unique. Here's the Necrosphere: