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Thread: Space Crusade and Advanced Space Crusade

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    Space Crusade and Advanced Space Crusade

    Hey everyone,

    it seems that there isn't a specific thread on the forum for discussing Space Crusade and Advanced Space Crusade (or at least not one that i can find). so, as there is a thread here dedicated to HeroQuest, i thought it would be worth starting a thread for its Sci-Fi/Space Fantasy sister game.

    feel free to throw out there all the stuff you want to talk about with regards to the game; when did you first play? when did you last play? what do you like about the game? have you written your own missions? made custom miniatures? or designed your own board? or seen a cool board somewhere else on the net? are there any questions about the game that have been gnawing away at your soul, but so far you've been unable to answer?

    as this is the first post, i guess its a good idea to keep a list of the game, its expansions and their contents for people looking to see if their game is complete. if their is anything i have missed i will edit them into this post later:

    Space Crusade
    Board Game Geek page: Link

    Space Marine Forces (divided evenly into three colours, Red, Yellow and Blue):
    - 3 Marine Commanders
    - 12 Space Marines
    - 15 Backpacks
    - 3 Missile Launchers
    - 3 Assault Cannons
    - 3 Plasma Guns
    - 3 Heavy Bolters
    - 3 Bolt Pistols & Power Axes
    - 3 Power Gloves & Power Swords
    - 9 Bolters

    Alien Forces:
    - 8 Orks
    - 14 Gretchin
    - 4 Chaos Space Marines (w/ 3 Bolters and 1 Missile Launcher)
    - 1 Chaos Space Marine Commander (w/ Heavy Bolter)
    - 4 Androids
    - 3 Genestealers
    - 1 Dreadnought (w/ 1 2-Weapon Carapace, 1 Lower Chassis, 1 pair Short Legs, 1 Dreadnought Base, 1 Assault Cannon, 1 Missile Launcher, 1 Plasma Gun)

    4 Game Boards (1 w/ a Space Marine Chapel, 1 w/ a Number 2, 1 w/ Lightning Bolts through red triangles and 1 w/ a launch bay with a yellow circle)
    4 central walls
    5 wall clips (4 T and 1 X)
    64 playing cards (3 sets of 12 Chapter cards and 28 Alien Event cards)
    12 Rank Badges
    1 Mission Manual
    1 Rulebook
    1 Primary Mission token
    1 Secondary Mission token
    6 Honour Badges
    1 Alien Control Panel (1 card panel with 2 plastic supports)
    6 Special Combat Dice (2 red 'Heavy' and 4 white 'Light' dice)
    3 Marine Reference Charts
    3 Commander Scanners
    3 Marine Docking Boards
    3 Airlock Doors
    24 Doors (24 card doors and 24 plastic clips)
    32 Blip tokens
    32 Reinforcement tokens
    4 Marks of Chaos

    Mission Dreadnought
    Board Game Geek page: Link

    Space Marine Forces (divided evenly into three colours, Red, Yellow and Blue):
    - 6 Space Marines
    - 6 Backpacks
    - 6 Bolters
    - 3 Fusion Guns
    - 3 Conversion Beamers
    - 3 Lascannons
    - 3 Tarantula Mobile Support Weapons (w/ 3 Gun Sections, 3 Tripod Sections and 3 Tarantula Control Sections)

    Alien Forces:
    - 4 Androids
    - 2 Dreadnoughts (w/ 1 4-Weapon Carapace, 1 2-Weapon Carapace, 2 Lower Chassis, 1 pair Long Legs, 1 pair Short Legs, 2 Dreadnought Base, 1 Fusion Cannon, 1 Conversion Beamer, 1 Lascannon, 1 Assault Cannon, 1 Missile Launcher, 1 Plasma Gun)

    6 Bulkhead Doors
    1 New Marine Reference Master Chart
    2 Corridor Sections
    2 Walls
    1 Dreadnought Factory Gameboard
    2 Special Combat Dice
    8 Blip Tokens
    8 Reinforcement Tokens
    3 Clips
    10 Bases

    Eldar Attack
    Board Game Geek page: Link

    Advance Space Crusade
    Board Game Geek page: Link
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    Re: Space Crusade and Advanced Space Crusade

    One of my hidden passions is that I am a HUGE fan of Advanced Space Crusade. I realise that this will incense many, and probably get me burned alive at some stage, but I actually prefer ASC to Space Hulk. A fantastic game!

    Space Crusade? Not a big fan of.

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    Re: Space Crusade and Advanced Space Crusade

    Space Crusade is hugely limited in a number of ways, but there is something beautifully nostalgic about it. and there is room for more expansions, scenarios and options that were never covered in the game. i can see why, for a lot of people they would not regard it as a good game, but without it there would be no ASC nor Space Hulk.

    if i played either ASC or Space Hulk, it was so long ago that i don't remember exactly how they worked. if you were to give a run down of the differences between the systems what would you say?

    also, with regards to your secret love affair with ASC, do you play much at the moment? have you ever given much thought to writing your own scenarios and developing your own 'baddies'? as i said, i don't recall ever playing it, but with only Tyranids at hand it would seem awefully limited.

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    Re: Space Crusade and Advanced Space Crusade


    Easy way to describe Space Crusade is Heroquest in space, you move your squads around the "hulk" and encounter enemies from any main xenos GW race. A card draw adds a randonm element. Combat is by throwing a number of weapon dice looking for hits while your target rolls looking for shields.

    ASC was a little more involved (doh its in the title). You are tasked with exploring a Nid bioship and taking out the vital organs In some ways ASC was really more a Space Hulk variant, IMO). Both sides pick from a force pool using a points system . The neat idea was that you explored the ship by turning over cards that the Nid player arranged. Combat was based on a d20 system that in some ways was better than the 40K one (it was streamlined attack vs defense, in the days of multiple modifiers in 2nd ed 40k).

    The nice thing about ASC was that articles in WD added new races and you could use other bits of your collection.

    Like Heroquest and GW's Advanced Heroquest both games were a great introduction to the dark gothic world of 40K, for my son and his friends.


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    Re: Space Crusade and Advanced Space Crusade

    I picked up a load of Space Hulk sets for the board sections alone (four of first edition, both expansions and second edition give you a lot of board tiles!). I prefer playing ASC on Space Hulk corridor sections. I still play occasionally. I spent a while rewriting the rules, adding my own house rules, army lists, etc. I named it ASC2 (or ASCII!).

    ASC was more flexible than SH. Each model takes an activation, which could be advance, assault, etc. This gives them a specific number of action points, that can be spent on types of action. For example, an assault action gives the base number of action points +2, but they can only be used to move or close combat. Advance gives the base number of action points, used to move, combat or snap fire. Ready Weapon gives only one action point, and an aimed shot.

    Combat works rolling a number of dice (D12!) and adding modifiers, attempting to beat the targets armour (or combat roll).

    In addition to the standard board/corridor action, there was an exploration phase, involving turning over cards until an encounter was revealed.

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