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    Fay_redd tries again....

    Ok. here we are again, The project logs.

    This log will just be a commentary of my warhammer 40k goings on. Im curently trawling my way through a big Raptors force, I predict at most 4k points when done.

    Anyway, As i already have this force weeeeel underway i will post finished things in-between WIP stuff.

    Coming up is My Dreadnaught. Now, i love the AoBR dread it's an awesome piece of kit, and only 6 odd parts aswell. However i have removed the multi-melta in favour, of what is in my mind a better weapon. The humble Plasma Cannon. It's a pretty simple and fast conversion, took me about 10 mins to do the whole dread. If you want a tutorial on AoBR dread conversions do say so. Although im sure you are all quite skilled enough to do it yourself. Also in there is my Workspace pic, I appologise for the horrifying layers of paint on it, that was before i discovered the wonder of tiles!

    anyway, pics.
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