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    Traitor of the Inquisition RPG

    Traitor of the Inquisition
    Episode 1: The Rebirth of the Daemon Prince

    Inquisitor Incendium looked out the window of the shuttle as it flew towards the Inquisitorial base, sighing to himself.

    Incendium was young by Inquisitor standards, he was only fourty something and was considered to be reckless. Incendium looked around the shuttle and saw Gyr, his loyal Crusader, and a few others in the shuttle that he had gathered, including a new Interogator amongst the group. The rest of his entourage was at the base.

    The shuttle descended and the party was directed to a briefing room with food layed out, rare foods and delicacys that was given to show that the Emperor rewards the faithful, also so that most of the people can say they had a good meal before the mission began.

    Inquisitor Incendium was taken to a different place, leaving the entourage and group together in the briefing room, to meet up with Inquisitor Lord Andrew, his superior for this mission. As stated, Incendium was too young to be trusted with this mission alone.

    'Inquisitor Incendium?' asked a cloaked man in the room. There was only him, but Incendium knew that anything would be tried here in this room.

    'Yes Lord Inquisitor?' replied Incendium. He was dressed in a formal dress, with his rosette around his neck, showing his alliegance to Ordo Hereticus.

    'This mission is yours, I am merely here to make sure its completed,' Andrew said briefly before leaving. OoC/Grand Warlord, where Andrew goes is up to you, ok?/OoC

    Incendium sat down and saw datafiles out on the desk, and started the task of reading the information of his new entourage, either hired by him, some of his contacts, or by other means that required kidnapping, busting of jail, etc. The usual scum of die-hards an Inquisitor carried with him, in the Emperor's name.

    OoC/Okay welcome to the first post. Alright, everyone expect Warlord, are in the briefing room eating and drinking. Try to be social etc. Introduce your character fully as in by name and whatever details you prefer to disclose or lie about. If your lying please state in your passage as for other characters to either pick up on or something else? Lets have some light interaction before everything goes gory ok?/OoC
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