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Thread: Durloths armies (Orgres, DoW and Dark Elves)

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    Durloths armies (Orgres, DoW and Dark Elves)

    For some time I`ve been keeping a plog of my ongoing Dogs of War army. It`s been such an inspiration that I thought I`d make one for the Dark Elves I`m starting too. Then it struck me; Why not make an epilogue, with the things I`ve done so far, and then let this plog catch up to me? First I guess

    I`ll start off with the DoW I`m still working on...

    For the full logg, with pictures in more stages, thoughts on the army and bat-reps from the turnaments I`ve brought the army to, just follow this link:

    Right then, on to Durloths` Ulfhedner

    First some WiP-shots. Most of these are done by now and I`ll post some pics of them at a later stage.

    With my last couple of armies, I`ve been hitting Army Builder pretty hard before starting the army and making a list of models I need for turnament- type armies of up to 2250pts. Then I`ve decided on a theme and built the whole army before painting. This is so I can try to get some practice games in while still in the painting process and to make the painting look uniform.

    The look I`ve been going for with the Ulfhedner is kind of germanic barbarians, just in the Warhammer Empire setting (so they have pistols and such). I also wanted to convey a feelig that these are veterans of many battles, so I`ve given mone of the models some pretty heavy scarring (I have to admit that I really like hurting my dolls with pins, needles and blades, so I may have gone a bit overboard...)

    Edit: fixed the link.
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