The Warhammer-Empire Site is planning a tournament in Massachussetts and i plan to bring my 1k lizards lists. here it is:

Scar Vet (127)
shld, Cone, LA, halbderd, VOTFF

10 Skirmishers (70)

10 Skirmishers (70)

18 Skink (214)
2 krox, stnd, MU

1 stegadon (235)

3 Razordons (225)

total 941

So I have accepted that I have not Magic Defense, but I want to be fast and heavy hitter. I have played around with dropping the Razors and adding a second skink unit of the same size. Also I prefer the Razors at 1k as there ability to control the board is amazing!

please feel free to suggest as needed (or rip apart)! i will likely be facing empire armies at this tournament.