Hello all, I'm back and I'm posting up what I'm doing.


Above is a link to a project I've been working on for the past three months. I could shift all of those images across to here but that would mean resizing each one off of photobucket re-uploading them. I'm sure it is easier for me to provide that link(no intentions of advertising).
There is also a little navigation tool I implemented as it is a huge thread.

But yes, I have A few images:

Last one in link (Picture Limit)

--A few Cyclops pattern helmets courtesy of this: Link
--Three radically different heavy bolters/autocannons. (Forgot a picture of the fourth one but it is nothing special.
--All robed squad. I was tempted for fallen marines (dark angels before any puns occur!) but I can't see them all specialising in one group and all together in a group of ten.

So thanks for viewing (I didn't expect you to view all 30+ pages of that link just so y'know!