Well, for those who don't know me, I am a pretty hard core Chaos worshipper, specifically, Slaanesh. I have just finished up the final touches on both my 3K+ Daemons and 3K+ Warriors, and am now looking to my next painting project. During Storm of Chaos, I bought a bunch of Dark Elves in a really good deal on Ebay (Army box plus 2 units of warriors, some extra shades and some extra Dark Riders.) I added some more witch elves as well. The intent, obviously was to build a Cult of Pleasure, but it never really got above assembly and primer.

That being said, I've wanted to finish it, but now I'm ready, so here is the list. This is designed to be a) aesthetically pleasing and b) fun and challenging to play with and against.

On to the list:

Supreme Sorceress, Lvl 4, Dark steed, Black Staff, Ring of Hotek. I love the idea of this sorceress being mobile, and being able to span the +2-4 casting dice spell.

Sorceress, Lvl 2, Sacrificial Dagger, Dispell Scroll, just need some extra power for the magic phase

Death Hag, BSB, Standard of Hag Graethe, Rune of Khaine, Witchbrew, more to follow on this one.


23 Warriors, shields, full command.

10 RXBs, musician

10 RXBs, Musician

5 Dark Riders, RXBs, musician

5 Dark Riders, RXBs, musician


17 Witch Elves, Full Command, Banner of Murder, Rune of Khaine on Champion. OKm obviously the Hag goes with these nasty ladies. The net result of this unit is that it gets 17-19 ASF poison, Armor Piercing, re-rollable attacks at S3, and 5-7 more at S4. This is part of the hitty force.

5 Cold One Knights, Full Command, Soulrender on the Champion. This is pretty much the only magic weapon in the army, just to take a shot at a few ethereals, if needed. Second part of the hitty force.

Cold One Chariot, just a little more hitting power.

Bolt Thrower

OK, so that's it at 2000 points. At 2250, the intent is to add a Hydra and 5 Shades, but I need to cut three points from somewhere to do it.

The Cunning plan.

This army will play very differently from what I am used to. I will have sort of a static force with the Warriors and RXBs protecting the bolt thrower, and a mobile force with two dark riders, Knights, and Chariot. The frenzied ladies will try to hold back unit the second turn at least.

So tell me what you think.