So I got down and dirty against a Deamon player today. It was a good game!! Same guy who stole victory from me in T6 a couple of days ago. So this was a grudge match.

My army remained the same (I’ve posted it so often I won’t post it again). His army did change however.

Skulltaker (in horrors) on jugger
Herald of Khorne on jugger with -2LD banner (in Hounds)
Herald of Nurgle on Palaquin (in plague bearers)

36 Horrors
10 horrors
30 Plague bearers – re-roll wounds icon.
15 Hounds in one mega unit

Hope the map and units are all self explanatory. The yellow chariot is the 2nd stank while the white chariot is the waltar


Basic army deployment for me with the cannons spread and knights from 1 end to the other looking to flank around from the stank “hinges”

Daemons however got the 1st turn which wasn’t what I was hoping.

Daemons Turn 1:

The hounds began by racing across the table in eagerness to kill. Everything else moved forward into range as well. The bloodthirster moved across to the flank of my army (which would prove to be a thorn in my backside). His magic phase was dispelled and scrolled by me into nothing.

Empire Turn 1:

I began by attempting to get that hound deathstar away from my main lines and off to the flank and hence out of the game. To do this I moved a unit up so that if charged the hounds would be facing my left flank. I also moved another unit to cover any potential moves to the right with astank behind to occupy the hounds into next turn and onwards (experience has told me that a stank lasts about 2-3 rounds of combat against the hound unit).

I also tried charging the bloodthirster (to also pull it away from my battle line and annoy my opponents plans), however I failed the terror test to do so, thankfully I didn’t run far- like 5” or something.

Magic and shooting went well but was disappointing. I only managed to get 4 horrors in the unit of 10 despite throwing a cannon and two magic missiles at them. I did get a handful of horrors from the large unit and 2 hounds thanks to a cannon shot. Skulltaker passed his 1st of 3 look out sir! Roles.

Daemons 2:

So this turn blew something hard. The hounds charged the unit of knights leading them to the left. Killing 3 of them only (but winning the combat- you got to love 1+ armour). However this led to both units of flanking knights also fleeing away from the fight!!

Again the enemy magic phase was useless thanks to my having 8 DD and 2 scrolls (well no scrolls remained past this turn).

Empire 2:

I got to unleash some awesome human goodness this turn- it was a very bloody and quick (as in movement game).

Stank #1 crashed into the Plague Bearers (not usually a good plan I know but I needed to hold that unit until I could deal with it more effectively).

Stank #2 moved ready to join his friend #1 next turn.

My AL on Charlie the Waltar continued to second guess where the Bloodthirster was going to go (so he could hit him with his Cannon Hammer)

I released two of my wizards from their unit, hiding 1 behind the Altar (it being a large target) the other didn’t have the movement and so was standing in front of the bloodthirster with a big sign going “I’m over HERE!” thankfully he was the scroll caddy who had no scrolls left so it wasn’t a big problem.

My other wizard and friends charged the unit of 6 horrors to end their (w)horroring days for good.

Shooting and magic was meh. I tried casting Fire Wall on the Greater Daemon (in the chance it would stop the bloodthirster from moving next turn). I also cast a few magic missiles at it. Again nothing really happened. Burning head boundspell (doomfire ring) was great again taking out 2 plague bearers and 3 horrors.

Skulltaker survived lookout sir! #2. Actually he failed but the cannon rolled a 1 to wound- grumble grumble.

I also tried firing at the Greater daemon with the other two cannons but overshot with 1 and the other was wardsaved.

Combat I killed 3 plague bearers and 5 of the 6 horrors, leaving 1 left! Wtf…

Daemon Turn 3:

This turn was also a hard one as I lost 500 points before the magic phase…

Either way the Hounds charged the small unit which failed it’s terror and ran so the hounds then went for the other unit via Enemy in the Way rules. The knights failing their terror test and running off the board taking another unit of knights and a great cannon with them!@! The hounds ending up off the table (out for a turn at least). Either way it hurt.

The Thirster also went for my sacrificial (well I decided he was sacrificial) wizard. Thankfully my fleeing kept me safe.

I still managed to stop all his spells (which was fun, can’t have too much magic defence right).

In combat the stank suffered a wound and I killed the last of the small unit of horrors.

Empire Turn 3:

So with no hounds to worry about I let rip on what remained. The Plague Bearers got a flank charge and 2nd stank charge (with 5 steam points so 6d3 impact hits) I also took a risk with the other stank and went for 4 steam points (so the bearers got 10d3 impact hits going their way!).

The Thirster was again targeted by my cannons. This time I was successful and scored 3 wounds on the beast.

The horror unit got hammered by magic and my other cannon. This time Skulltaker failed his Look out Sir! Again and I rolled a 3 to wound AND Skulltaker failed his wardsave- bye, bye beast (not that I was worried, my AL has killed skulltaker before in a single round of combat- and in a challenge).

In combat 20 plague bearers perished. 13 to the stanks and knights and then 7 to CR. I did loose one of my wizards however – which was hard to bear I admit but I did it stoically.

Anyway with his lv3 block of horrors down to lv1, 7 nurglings remaining and a ½ VP lord left (true the horrors were around but nothing was going to stop my stanks from getting into them now). My opponent conceded!!

Victory to the Empire!

End game: