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    Traitor Guards, Cthulhu daemons and Word Bearers

    (If you can't see the images, note that there is a small download linked on the first page of the forum that allows you to bypass the Photobucket block!)

    Hey, I figured I would start a log for my Traitor Guard force, now with the new codex coming out and all. I'm redoing much of my army, therefor most of the figs will look half-painted.

    First of I┤ll show you what I got so far, please feel free to point out stuff I could improve.

    My conscripts/cultists. I only got 20 so far, but I'm not sure I want more anyway. Their use on the tabletop feels quite limited, and making more feels abit boring considering all the other fun stuff I could build.

    First 10

    Second batch

    All the little nutters.

    I am also working on a squad of Penal troopers, who will represent some really fanatical fighters instead.

    And here are my three favorites
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