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    Codex Exodites 0.4 (updated!)

    Codex Exodites 0.4

    Hey everybody. I spent the last few days in total geekery and the result of that is what you can see in the link on top of this pager. I used the Exodite Online Codex, which seems to have died as well as Agis Neugebauer's Codex Exodites for inspiration and hope I did okay.

    The codex is still in an extremely early stage and that is why I uploaded it here. I want to collect ideas and suggestions on how to improve and balance the codex.
    I can also always use aid with spelling, capitalization, punctuation and plain old phrasing.

    If you would like them in there you can also send me images, drawings, paintings and miniature photographs of exodites. Please only submit original material or material the creator is agreeing with publishing in this codex-

    Of course any other C&C is welcome.

    Update to 0.4 is out
    -This is mainly due to copyright issues, but I believe everything is in order now.
    -Blast weapons have been replaced with shuriken weapons all around
    -accordingly militia went down to 9 points for their effectiveness as a ranged unit sinks greatly with the range

    Previous updates:

    Update 0.3
    -Megadon has been split up into Megadon and Carnosaurus. Carnosaurus is a stronger melee type and moves faster than the Megadon, while Megadon is more resilient to damage and has access to more heavy weapons than the Carnosaurus. Also the Megadon can be fielded in herds of up to three Megadons
    -Further i split the Carnosaur Lord (former Megadon Lord) off the Highborn Entry and made it a separate one.
    -I also did some ammendments on mounts. Raptors have +2 Attacks again but are not allowed to carry heavy weapons or any lances (to avoid a 60 attack Laser lance charge from Household guard)
    -tuned down Household guard from 2 to 1 attack. And the captain accordingly from 3 to 2 to weaken any other raptor attack hail madnesses.
    -Isha's Grace is now no more a Fortune ripoff
    -Bladedancers were thrown out
    -Militia is now 10 points because of their advantages toward Guardians and lost the close combat option that was a bit lost without any means of transportation anyhow.
    -Exodite Special Rule's Stealth now applies to not only forest. This makes more sense as hiding should not be more complicated for them anywhere than it is in forests. Either you're good at it or you're not. Also makes the army less dependent on the kind of gaming table.
    -Guerilla tactics has been changed to something that is not a slightly different version of the Autarch special rules. Instead it's more like Eldrad's divination
    -Reduced all I scores above 6 to 6 (except those granted by equipment bonus)
    -Made Terrorwings slightly more expensive.

    Codex updated to version 0.2
    - Wild hunters down to 10 points each
    - Dragoons raised to 45 points each
    - Bladedancers moved to the troops section
    - Make Wind Knights have more heavy weapon options
    - Reduced cost for Seer's Restore power to 15 points and removed heal from his options.
    - Reduced Dragon Militia to 15 pts/model
    - Made spirit shield available to only Lords and Heroes, not megadon lords
    - Replaced twin-linked Lasblasters from Wind Knights and Dragon Militia with single Lasblasters
    - Made Lance weapons cheaper for Highborn
    - Added Lasblaster and option to replace it with a blastcannon to Terrorwings
    - Added close combat options to Terrorwings
    - Removed weapon mount team from Militia squad and replaced it with up to two heavy weapons per squad
    - Added Exodite Missile Launcher to arsenal. Basically a more primitive version of eldar Missile launcher
    - Added a laser lance to the Megadon's Wargear and other lances to options
    - Removed Riders rules from megadon in favor of one extra regular attack and having weapons apply to them normally. Megadon glaives rewritten. Megadon lords have 5 attacks and cost 130 points now.
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