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Thread: [Epic] The Forge Rumbles - Legio Gryphonicus Marches

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    [Epic] The Forge Rumbles - Legio Gryphonicus Marches

    Paying Homage to Saul Tarvits' log on his own Titan Legio I have decided to try my luck and get my own Titan Legion ready to play in our Heresy Era Campaign[link].

    To that end I present the War Griffons. I have loved the colour scheme of this legion since I first saw the image of a Warhound from the War Griffons in White Dwarf and in Sapce Marine: Battles.

    So without further ado:

    The collection so far. 2 Lucius Warlords, 2 reavers, 2 Lucius Warhounds.

    The ones with paint.

    The forge..

    The obligatory pet picture - Jesse

    All still WIP but you can hopefully get the idea of what I want to do with these guys.

    Update:: I just received a shipment of Imperial Knights in the post. These will be used as Forge Knights in my Titan army.

    Colours are:
    Over black undercoat everything is given a light drybrush of Tin Bitz just in case any bits are missed while painting and also gives a nice base to work the gold over on the rims.
    • Grey - Battle Grey base. Mid tone of Battle Grey/Astronomiconfor building upon - and that's as far as I have got on the Warhound.
    • Yellow - TauSept Ochre with a wash of Sepia for the yellow. I plan to highlight with Iyanden Darksun similar to how I seen some Bad Moons done up on Warseer.

    You can see more of my War Griffon log on my site or view the rest of my armies and info.

    Anyway, C&C
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