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Thread: Hochland - Gargobot's Imperial Log (currently painting BB Amazons)

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    Hochland - Gargobot's Imperial Log (currently painting BB Amazons)

    Hi guys!
    It's me future Gargobot. After more than 30 pages and three years of doing this plog, I thought it might be nice to go back and make some sort of mission statement and maybe write up an index. Make it easier for anybody who happens to stumble across this log for the first time (if that's you let me tell you that the painting gets a lot better over the course of those 30+ pages).
    As you'll see the original goal of this log was to help me maintain my motivation and as far as that goes the log (and you guys of course) has always done its part. Obviously nothing is going to change there.
    As a connoisseur of the fine plogs of Warseer myself, I have always enjoyed those logs most that have a high picture-to-talk-ratio. I try to run my little plog in a manner that ensures said ratio. As a result it will often take me days, weeks or even months until I get around to answering your comments - however long it takes me to get something painted. (And I'm probably one of the slowest painters on this forum.)
    Please do not misunderstand that as a sign of disrespect; in fact I greatly appreciate every comment you make and the time invested that goes along with it. Quite frankly it's the fuel that keeps me going.
    That's probably all for now, so here's that index:

    xX 1: Well page numero uno, where the magic begins. You are here, that's nice. Undead Mordheim Warband, Skullpass Gobbos and Hochland. Xx
    4: The first army shot of my Empire army.
    5: A Bright Wizard and if I may say so my first moment of pride with this army.
    7: Interlude 1- a Doom Diver painted by my brother. And I change the base color for my troops.
    8: Interlude 2- a friend's dwarfs.
    11: Another friend gives me all his Warhammer stuff - first sight of a Pegasus that will take me 21 months to complete (I told you I was a sloooow painter).
    16: A Gold Wizard, my second moment of pride.
    17: I start using a blue gradient as a back drop, in other words my pictures get better.
    16-18: Painting a Steam Tank.
    18: Interlude 3- Beastmen from the days of yore; how I painted when I was a total n00b.
    20-21: Painting minis from Reaper for a friend.
    21: Got a comment from Harry. *Achievement completed*
    22: Interlude 4- Dabbling in the dark art of Green Stuff resulting in an Iron Hands Space Marine
    22: Painting Horrors for a friend.
    23: Added cream/tan to my color scheme, the guys look way better now.
    26: Another army shot.
    27: Work space photo - finally honoring a plog tradition (I don't have pets).
    27: More Daemons of Chaos.
    30: DoC Herald of Tzeentch, my third moment of pride.
    32: Furies.
    33: Flamers of Tzeentch and first freehand.
    34: Another blast from the past - gray Space Marines.

    This being a Hochland log and all, I didn't list all the stuff I painted for them. Rest assured all the remaining pages are riddled with Handsome Hochland Heroes™.
    Also, those moments of pride are probably noteworthy, because they mark points where I think my painting has gone up a notch, but check for yourself.
    Okay, that should be all for now. Back to you past Gargobot:

    Hello fellow Warseers!
    I've been in a painting frenzy since last November, but the last 2 weeks I didn't paint one mini. So I thought I'd just show my results and hope to get some motivation, comments and critique from a log.

    First off my Mordheim Warband:

    A dire wolf

    Skeletons I use as Zombies


    And their backsides
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