Hey everyone, this is my first army list post here on Warseer, so let me know what you think! I've not tested this list and am trying to refine it, so without further adieu here's what I've got.

Mage - level 2, Annulian Crystal/2 x Dispell Scrolls/Staff of Sorcery - 175 (haven't decided on the item loadout/will depend on my opponent, ideas?)

Mage - level 2, Seerstaff of the Saphery, Elven Steed -- 177

BSB - Barded Steed, Dragon Armor, Enchanted Shield, Lance -- 144

Noble - Armor of Caledor, Great Weapon, The Amulet of Light -- 132

2 x 16 Spearmen - Full Command, 1 x Warbanner -- 363

14 white Lions - Standard, Guardian, Lion Standard, Gem of Courage -- 269

2 x 6 Dragon Princes - Musician -- 380

6 Ellyrion Reavers - Musician -- 109

2 repeater bolt throwers -- 200

Great Eagle - 50

Total: 1999

So here's the plan. Have the Spearmen prop up close too a board edge, angled inward and then have one unit of princes sweep in to help them from the inside flank. The warbanner unit gets joined by the defensive Mage, the other by the BSB. The inside, mid-board will be anchored by the White Lions with the foot noble. With the other unit of Dragon Princes supporting them, this should provide some decent hitting/killing power. The other Mage with reavers and the eagle get in the way as much as possible, diverting charges and march-blocking as needed. The bolt throwers post up on a hill and hopefully don't die too quickly

The first (foot) mage will be either using high magic, lore of heavens or the lore of metal. If I see lots of shooting and magic, I'll probably go for high magic, take the shield and then go for that or drain magic. If I see light/no shooting or magic, I'll run lore of heavens for those re-rolling 1's on my spearmen. Plus I could always get the comet....If I see lots of cavalry/heavy characters I could end up taking metal just to try and snipe him out/put a wound or two up before he crashes my lines. I've been tempted to drop a white lion, take a single scroll and the jewel of the dusk for that extra die, it might make all the difference.

The second mage will always be using shadow to try and use unseen lurker and get those dragon princes into my flanks. It's a bit risky but I'm guaranteed to get the the spell and if that's all I plan on casting I can try and pump it through on 3 dice. That leaves the other three for either the shield/drain magic, portent of far, creeping death or whatever else I happen to roll. If I did end up taking that extra die from the jewel on the other mage it could mean that unseen lurker, the shield of saphery, and drain magic all go off in one turn (assuming I roll decently....which is never the case).

I've also thought of dropping a unit of dragon princes down into either two tiranoc chariots or a lion chariot to save points, but I hate the idea of losing a whole model to anything higher then str 7....they'd serve the same purpose but it just seems so fragile (but then again, we ARE talking T3 elves here).

Sorry 'bout the rant, let me know what you think. This one's for the toaster, so lets here what you've got!