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    Lightbulb Answered Lizardmen Questions

    Here's some usefull information from over at "The Pyramid Vault"
    This is as official as it gets untill the FAQ comes out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dokushin
    I sent a pretty big list of questions to ol' John Spencer at askyourquestion at, and he took the time to answer them all for me. (Thanks, John!) Just in case anyone is wondering what his bounceback is for any of this, here's the response:

    1) Can the Skink Chief use his BS to fire the Howdah weapons (Great Bow and Giant Blowpipes)?

    Yes, but only one of the Giant Blowpipes can use his BS.

    2) Since they aren't warmachines, can the Howdah weapons be used for a Stand and Shoot reactions?


    3) If the Skink Chief can use the Howdah Weapons, does the Venom of the Firefly Frog affect them?


    4) Can Terradons use Drop Rocks on a unit they moved over as the result of a charge?


    5) If a bolt thrower hits a unit of Skinks and Kroxigor, how does rank penetration work?

    It only hits skinks.

    6) How do you determine Fear for a Skink and Kroxigor unit? Does the unit count as causing Fear? What is its fear-causing unit strength?

    The unit would not be affected by fear and units charged have to take a fear test, but the fear-causing unit strength is equal to the unit strength of just the Kroxigor.

    7) If a Skink Chief with the Skavenpelt banner joins a non-skink unit (such as Saurus Warriors) does the frenzy affect the unit?

    Yes. Keep in mind he is higher movement than the unit and may end up charging out of the unit.

    8) If a Skink Chief has the Sacred Stegadon Helm, does the fact that it specifies "the model" mean it increases a Stegadon mount's armor save?


    9) If when a Razordon is standing and shooting one of the two dice is a misfire, does the other one still count?


    10) If US5 or greater Flying Cavalry charge a ranked unit in the flank or rear, is the ranked unit denied its rank bonus?

    Nope, they are still skirmishers.

    11) If you hit a ranked unit with the Poisoned Great Bow, how does rank penetration work -- i.e. do you autowound each model because of the poison, or only the first?

    You only autowound the first model.

    12) If there is more than one enemy wizard in LOS and the Cupped Hands of the Old Ones item is successfully used, who does it affect?

    Choose one.

    13) Do you roll on the Miscast table before or after you attempt to use the Cupped Hands?


    14) Can the Cupped Hands stop a roll of 2 on the miscast table?


    15) If a Slaan has The Focused Rumination, giving him a free power die for each attempt, and he is attempting a spell that can be cast on one die: can he attempt with zero die plus the free die, for one die total?

    No. He has to ‘cast’ a spell to use the free die. You cannot ‘cast’ a spell with 0 dice.

    16) Can Salamanders march and shoot as per breath weapons?


    17) When the Engine of the Gods uses Burning Alignment, are the hits magical?


    18) When the Engine of the Gods uses Burning Alignment, are the hits flaming?


    19) When the Engine of the Gods uses The Arcane Configuration, does the -1 to casting values mean that Remains in Play spells are easier for the opponent to dispel in their magic phase?


    20) When Lord Mazdamundi is fielded, does he have to join a unit of Temple Guard?


    21) Is the Sun Standard of Hexoatl carried by Lord Mazdamundi really supposed to do nothing?

    As far as we know.

    22) Chakax weilds a greatweapon and causes opponents in challenges to always strike last. Does this mean he always strikes first or that attacks are resolved in initative order?

    Initiative order. We believe he is intended to strike before the other model, but the strict interpretation of the rules say otherwise.

    23) If Gor-Rok is in a unit, will chariots lose impact hits against that unit? Will chargers lose charge bonuses against the whole unit, or only against him specifically?

    No, Impact hits work normally, until the unit is below 5 models then any that randomly hit him are ignored. Only models striking him lose charging bonuses.

    24) Can Tehenhauin join Jungle Swarms?


    25) Can Tehenhauin have Bear's Anger cast on him?

    Only if was fielded with an Ancient Stegadon and the Stegadon is killed leaving him alive and US 1.

    26) Does Oxyotl still poison on a 5+ if he would normally need a 6 to hit?


    27) Can Doom and Darkness! make a model more likely to fail the leadership test from the Blade of Realities?


    28) If a Skink Chief has the Stegadon War-Spear on a Stegadon, are the Stegadon's impact hits magical?


    29) If a hero with the Bane Head and the Pirhana Blade deals a wound to the nominated enemy hero, how many wounds are done (3 or 4)?


    30) For the Horn of Kygor, does "enemy cavalry Fear the bearer" mean simply that the bearer is counted as causing Fear for enemy cavalry models?


    31) For Huanchi's Blessed Totem, when do you declare use for the extra d6" charge -- before or after the opponent declares charge reaction?

    After charge reaction, before you measure to see if you are in charge range.

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