Hello hello static grass here.

Long story short: I have played dwarves for years. Occassionally I am able to drag them upto the top ten of a tourney simply by setting out my stall and shooting everything to death. But I am sick of playing dwarf, I get one phase in the game to decide what happens (shooting) the rest I am either reacting to events or on the receiving end. They are now on the shelf awaiting a new armybook and M4.

Anyway I have some HE and I am loaning a friends HE for the next tourney in errr 11 days. SO I have read the HE tactica ad nausem and like any dwarf player I have boiled my thoughts down to...

How many of these amazing kick @ss Swordmasters can I reasonably cram into 1750points? and how should they be arrayed?

In terms of logistics I have 46 models waiting to slice through everything like a flying chainsaw.

I am thinking:

A. One unit of deathstar doom. I will need a scroll caddy to make sure nothing else happens to them.
B. One large unit say 21 flanked by two smaller units upto 12 in size. One heavy hit unit with some flank guarding plus flank charge options.
C. Multiple units of ASF death. 4-5 units of 7-9 swordmasters.
This give the option of more flanking.

I do intend to squeeze in some DPs and a unit a sea guard.

On a side note I have always loved the saphery fluff and my fledgling force is lovingly painted in hues of blue purple and grey.